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The SmartAtlantic Alliance is an initiative of the Fisheries and Marine Institute’s Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (Ctec) and the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) of Halifax. Ctec and IORE are devoted to building data infrastructure together including deployment and operation of meteorological/oceanographic buoys, observation of ocean data on Newfoundland’s south coast and creation of the nucleus of a cooperative Atlantic Canada applied ocean observation capacity.

I work for Ctec as a data management specialist, on the one hand, I built a data server (ERDDAP) so that real-time data from the database are listened in and updated into ERDDAP. Users can access to scientific data in this easier way compared with Email request way in the past. Data are available in various file formats (eg., CSV, PDF, JSON). Users can also directly download, manage and analyze data online.

Besides, I wrote Python scripts to parse XML files, connected with the database and visualized ocean data, so that data could be read and emerged into the Center for Applied Ocean Technology Canada.



Click here to see ERDDAP data server