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Music Hunter

This is my graduation project for my computer science master degree. In this project, I worked with my supervisor, Dr. Chen and one of my group members in our lab together. We developed a prototype iPhone application to help musicians practice more effectively and were in the process of significantly upgrading the application while also creating an online platform for social interaction and shared learning.


In this project, I participated in the planning of mobile application products and user interface design, which includes 6 pages in total – home,  daily schedule, combined practice mode, free practice mode, weekly report and setting page. Also, I designed and created the brand logo and related designs. In the coding part, I implemented smart exercises and daily tracking functional modules. After the application (phase 1) launched, I showcased it to students in music faculty and some potential clients. Now, this application is applied to some music program in MUN.


In 2018, this project research paper was submitted and accepted by the 14th International Conference on Mobile Learning (ML 2018). Conference article: Improving Music Practice with a Mobile Learning Smartphone Application.  In Mobile Learning, 2018.

Download Project Paper PDF Here