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摩打寿司  Kyoto Sushi (Spec)

After 30 years of development,  Kyoto Sushi has become a huge sushi food group in Japan, China, Hawaii and other places, called a ‘Sushi Legend’ that is relished in Japan and even around the world. Besides, China’s branches have expanded to more than 40.


It’s a great honor for me to participate in designing logo, copywriting, tablet ordering system and packaging with Kyoto Sushi. The tablet ordering system consists of 5 pages, which are the homepage, menu, selected sushi, brand introduction and contact us.  The style of the whole system adopts classical and elegant design, including vertical text, wooden chopsticks and landscape paintings and other classic elements.  At the same time, the design of each page is clear and easy to understand, with high-definition real thing pictures, so that guests can quickly get started ordering. The copywriting extracts the sentences from the Buddhist scriptures, which is quite Zen-like.  Meanwhile, packaging adopts the most compact package.