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Equity Lenders Mortgage

Mind Map PDF file: Product MindMap


Equity Lenders Mortgage, formerly known as BRD Mortgage, has developed into a fully licensed Fintech platform in Canada. It is designated to make use of high-end technology such as Big Data and Blockchains to excavate, publish and manage a series of exclusive financial market data with property mortgage as the core.


I designed the websites for both BRD Mortgage (1st stage) and Equity Lenders (2nd stage: For the 1st stage dynamic multi-page website, I designed the Home page, Broker, Investor, Borrower pages, Contact us and show more page. In the home page, users can view deals in different regions. In the show more page, users can see the deal detail and request package.


For the 2nd stage interactive user-friendly website of Equity Lenders, I determined the theme colour and designed the overall layout/user interface, video background, forms and buttons.